Our Story

My Name is Umar Khan I am Owner of Umarllc.shop  We start Our Journey in 2023 April I was 17 Year old to start it because i want to work for my self i want to create my own empair after doing alot of work on our Busnies also faced some financial problem i started job part time to get some money and invest into my Busniess then i hire a develpor to design my store and also for more work on store at starting i was no idea what to sell after going deep into Busniess decided to sell multipal products i created diffrent collection for diffrent products it will make easy for customer to find there right product what there are searching for we have in our store Women Clothes Men Clothes Men Shoes Women shoes and Hand Bag Household Gadget Kitchen Accessories Pet Accessories Travel Accessories Bath Accessories Jewellery with Further Our Mission is Providing High quality products exceptional services Dont hesitate to contact us any time we have contact information in our store this was our journey Thank you for Choosing Umarllc.shop